I never encourage other women to become like me ..
And I never said that they have to be fat to be attractive or sexy!
All I'm doing is helping women to love them-self and treat it well .
I know that being fat is not healthy, but being skinny is not too!
Personally, I tried to lose weight, but it's not working, I had too many problems cause of my over weight..
I was discarded and nobody treated me well ..
Then I started to accept my body and to accept the idea that I'm fat . I show to all that I'm happy like that and I can do everything i want and my body is not an obstacle in my life .
Finally i just want to say to all the world that being fat isn't a crime!
You have to accept the other and the most important you have to respect them! Cause you don't understand that when you pick apart someone's body, shame them because of their size, gender or abilities, you push them to harm themselves .

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Just live and let the others live :)